Types of Housing


True to our core — with a track record of over 75 years — our primary focus and success have always been to provide market-rate housing. 

This progeneration has been the primary catalyst for our long-term success in other housing disciplines, including senior, student, and affordable. When we built Doheny Plaza in 1965, it was the very first residential luxury multi-family high rise building in Los Angeles.

We are always interested in buying and building market-rate multi-family housing communities. With a focus on primary and secondary markets in the Western United States, including senior and student housing.

However, we will consider new markets with compelling stories and stimulating data that support further investment.  


With 75 years in business, we have been actively involved in affordable housing for over 50 years— we’re one of the oldest companies still actively involved. 

We’ve made a conscious effort for over 50 years to change the lives and outcomes of residents with our involvement in low-income and affordable housing programs. 

We take affordable housing very seriously. And feel that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to make a positive impact and meaningful change by providing housing— the most basic of human needs. 

We know that this need is ever-increasing and has never been as vital as now. The pricing demands affect all sectors, and low-income housing is especially sensitive. With the current inflationary market, every increase in cost, labor, material, and land makes low-income housing cost-prohibitive. 

We have developed, owned, and invested in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Section 8, Section 42, deed-restricted, and local CRA programs. Including regular low-income and senior low-income housing programs throughout Southern California and parts of the Western United States. 


Weinstock loves student housing — and it shows in our above-average occupancy rates and the consistent returns this sector of housing generates. Historically, our focus has been in primary markets with Top Tier, Division 1 Universities in student housing. 

With competition for quality product, investment opportunities feeling the squeeze, and cap rate spreads tightening up — we are looking to invest in secondary markets with top-tier schools.  


Over the years, we have made a point to develop, own, and invest in senior housing. We consider our affinity toward this sector a privilege and a long-term benefit to both Weinstock and the communities we engage in. 

We value and invest in age-restricted market-rate, low income, and memory care properties.

We believe investing in senior housing is socially responsible and makes good return sense with consistent market pressure.

With pricing demands affecting all sectors, senior housing is especially susceptible. Every increase in labor, material, and land has had a multiplying effect on cost.