Development Approach

At Weinstock, we invest with a long-term vision for the community. To us, that means being thoughtful about every aspect of the development process — from finance and design to construction and management.

We believe that when we:

  • listen to our neighbors
  • support local business 
  • address community challenges and
  • make the best use of our environment

we directly connect our investors to community assets with long-term, lasting value.

We make a point to select projects that preserve our city’s character and history. And build with form and function in mind — prioritizing high-quality materials that will allow our buildings to last for generations.

This allows us to positively impact our community while generating solid returns for our investors.

Our new development projects are multi-family-centric with some mixed-use included too. Our history follows the arc of a decade’s old development company dealing in several types of development – including retail, industrial, and office. 

While not actively engaged in building these other uses, our experience and understanding of these sectors complement our land use practice. This holistic understanding brings project integration and acceptance to the communities we develop.  

On straight development, we prefer to buy the following — from raw land unmapped to fully permit-ready:

  1. Raw unmapped and mapped land, master planning to zoning, and land-use change that we classify as basic Front End Entitlement.
  2. Front End Entitlement that involves up-zoning, downzoning, redevelopment, ground-up construction with project stabilization.
  3. Entitled ground, or ground that “by right” is ready for a multi-family project and is code, zoning, and density compliant. Subject only to planning and permit approval, with ground-up construction and full project stabilization
  4. Ground that could be shovel ready, or in Los Angeles, we use the term RTI for Ready To Issue permit. This is where we come in and build ground-up construction and have a fully stabilized project.